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Jan 24 13 12:41 PM

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Deep into the night, the silence is shattered by a shrill scream, a baby cries off in the distance, matching the woman's cry of sorrow, pleading with the spirits to let them rest. A window shatters, and somone falls onto the hood of a car, bouncing just perfect enough to fall straight back down next to the car on the cement ground. He grunts, rubs the wounds on his arms, and doesn't waste another minute before he gets back on his feet, taking off towards the forest nearby. He hears them chasing him, hears them shout and yell, trying to find out why anyone would want to kill such a man, trying to find out where he would be at after such a quick kill. A smile spreads across his face as he runs, dodging branches that poke out at odd places, jumping over logs that try and block his path, but he doesn't let anything stop his escape as he tries to run towards the bridge.
He looks over to his right as he's running and hears the waves crashing into the mountain side wall, hoping that the sound would maybe put him at ease but the bullets from a fired gun zipping past makes his blood run cold. "They're trying to kill me," he says in a raspy tone, jumping to the left only to find himself rolling down a hill. Stickers nag at his clothes, catching themselves inside them and his skin before he comes to a stop, looking like the mess he knew he felt like. He sat up, wiped the dirt off his face and took off once more, trying to get away from this wretched place. Memories scratch at the back of his mind as he looks for something familiar, a street sign, a billboard, anything to show him that he's going the correct way, but the loss of his family starts to finally weigh him down. He takes in sharp breaths, letting the cars zoom by him as he stands there, waiting for his death now that he's finally starting to get tired. He looks down at his rough hands, nails looking as if they'd just dug a mile to the center of the earth, fists looking as if they'd smashed through a brick wall.
He lifts his head, looking up at the dark blue sky that's about to bleed tears, and see's his family's faces in the clouds looking down at him, if only he'd been faster maybe they wouldn't have gone. If only he'd gotten to them quicker, he could have stopped their march and they'd still be alive, but they wanted their rights back, his family wanted their rights back and he didn't want to fight by their side. He shakes his head, letting the tears roll down his face, hating the now dead president for the laws he'd placed over the news years. Hating himself for letting his parents channel their hate by using force, hating himself for letting his siblings follow his parent's outlook, hating himself for ending up like them after all. The blood spilled on his table can only be cleaned by so many things until he realizes that this moment is forever etched into his brain.
His family, along with other people's families died trying to protect their rights to speak freely in a world that was becoming so corrupt, letting the mob's fight their way to rule, letting the people in power abuse their power because they know they can, and he didn't want to stand by and let that happen. He dropped his head, as if he'd made his final decision, only to be placed with the most unfortunate change ever as a car tried slamming on it's breaks, failing to do so, taking him out as the car smashed into him, sending him flying across the street and into another dimension...

'There's a truth hidden in the lines of my work'

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Jan 24 13 1:38 PM

Re: Waste Nation- Stuck in Fornever Land

So..the car hit him and the dude fell into a different dimension..? Do you explain how that happens..exactly..and why?


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Feb 1 13 12:44 PM

Re: Waste Nation- Stuck in Fornever Land

Ch.1 Variant Syntropic
I wake up to fallen debris laying across me, dust particles flicker when they catch a ray from the sun and my eyes seem to catch a glimpse of something else but I fade out for a moment. When my eyes open again the light outside is dimmer than before and my body is entirely sore as I lift myself up in a sitting position, making the debris clatter to the side of me. I look around myself and find nothing but broken glass and wood every where, rusted silver ware, and dust just all over the place making me wonder where I was. I shake off the weird feeling in my gut and pull myself up by using a discarded stool that was randomly laying near me. I make my legs drag me to a nearby window and wipe teh layered dust from the glass to find myself staring out at dead land. I stumble back, shocked at what I saw and fall over some broken chair legs, landing right on my back, staring up at the ceiling where a giant gaping hole stares back down at me. I scramble to my feet, trying to calm myself as I look around hoping to find a means of escape and when I spot a door, I take the first chance I get and slam myself into it. A few more rounds gets the door to buckle once, and then crash to the ground, allowing the force of the drop to pick up some dust and dirt that gathered in front of me.
I swipe at it as if it'll make the process of the particles falling down go faster and go through the entrance I had created, having to shield my eyes a bit from the bright glow the sky gave off. The red clouds, covering most of the sun's ray's from the earth, spilled an almost dried up, blood red color across the land, making the silence of this new world more unnerving as my legs took me through this place I've never been. My feet make empty sounds as I walk along the street silently, looking at the houses layed out before me, some still intact, other completly a pile of junk. It makes me wonder what passed through here until part of a house crumbles in on itslef, I just shiver and take back my most recent thought. It feels like I'm walking forever when I come up to a gas station only to find that inside everything is practically dust locked in a cage and my heart sinks a bit. My stomach growls indicating that it needs food and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth, telling me that I'm in deep need for some water. I leave the gas station and follow the road that lead out of the small area of homes and towards the city, hoping to find someone, anyone that was willing to get me back home, even if I did end up in jail forever, atleast I'd be able to eat.
Complete silence, nothing but the plains, hardly any trees in sight, a couple of tumble weeds race past my path, I can't tell but I think the sun is starting to go down which means that it's going to get dark soon. I feel like I haven't passed another house in hours, I might even have to rest right here on the ground and that makes me suffer inside a little more. Maybe this was karma, for killing one sinlge man who had 'so many ambitions' in store for the world, so many new things replacing the old, making the world a 'better place'. I roll my eyes, stuff my hands in my pockets and feel a spark of hope ignite as I pull out a pack of cigarettes, the ones I had bought yersterday. I open the top and smile brightly, although I may not have food, although I may not haver water, I would be just fine with dying right now if I got to smoke. I place the cancer stick between my lips and pull out a lighter from my other pocket, lighting the cigarette up and taking a nice long drag from it before exhaling slowly. A light buzz hit my head but it felt good as I strayed from the road towards the beach that was to my left and walked closer to the sandy area. I pat around for a dry spot and place myself there, looking out into the ocean that was turning a deeper red every moment the sun sank, feeling a bit of peace wash over me. I take another drag, lay back in the sand, and watch time go by for a moment, letting myself calm down enough to nap and regain my strength.
When I come to, it's not so brilliant as I'd hoped it be as water crashed over my face, suffocating me as it entered my open nostrils, I sat up coughing, "What the-"
"Och! Whit dae you thocht yer daein?"
I narrow my eyes, notice that the sun is almost gone behind the horizon before a sword is swung in front of me, "Hey!" I shout as I jump back a little, trying to get the figure in front of me to focus.
"Whit be ye?" The man asked, pointing his sharp blade at my face, his eyes ablaze with fury.
"What the hell are you talking about?" I growl at him cause not only am I tired of having his metal in my face, but this fool just woke me up with a bucket of water.
"Ye dae anely gleek body," he put his sword in it's cover, "lat us lend ye a haund," he said reaching out with his fierce looknig hand. "Weel, come on, A dinna hae aw day."
I nodded, finally peicing together what this guy was saying and reached up, placing my hand in his as he helped me up off the ground. I patted myself off, making sure there wasn't anymore sticky sand clinging to my shirt before I looked up and got a good look at the guy who woke me in the first place. His eyes were hard, like rocks, his mucsles seemed tense and he didn't seem much older than me, maybe a year or two, depending on how healthy this guy kept himself in a place like this.
"Sairy for dingin you afore A ken whit ye real be," he said shrugging, "In a blaw-in a airt like this, ye canna lippen ilka body," he turned and started to walk away from the beached area I rested on. "My name be Alasdair Kil'Scott," he added as I stayed behind him, trying to figure out half the stuff he was saying part of the time we were walking, and trying to figure out where I was at the other part. Yet all the same, the guy seemed very friendly, his stories of the Time Before left me in utter silence as we continued to his home which seemed like hours away.
Finally though, he stopped in an open area, although everything around us was open except right here, we were just sitting ducks, "Uhm, Alasdair, not to be rude, but, where are we? This looks like we're waiting for someone or something to attack us," I said waving my arms around all the open space in front of us.
"Een cannin be mislearin," he responded cooly as he leaned down, placed his palm on a flat, black rock, and stayed there for a couple of seconds. I almost wanted to clear my throat and say something sarcastic, but almost as soon as I opened my mouth, the ground began to shake and I heard metal scrape against itself. I looked down at my feet where the rumbling was coming from and made a circle as I spun around, noticing the the ground was not only shaking, but it started to tear apart.
"Bide lown," Alisdair hissed through his teeth as he pulled his hand away from the rock where not only did it, in a way, cave in, but it moved over in order to create a hole. I walked up to it and peered down, seeing a small ladder pushed up against the wall of the hole.
"Alisdair," I shake my head, "How is this possible?" I manage to add as he pushes me forth.
"Fare on nou bairn," Alisdair says, " 't is ane the ingang."
I lower myself into the hole, feeling for each bar before I keep decending just to make sure I'm actually steady rather than think I'm on a step only to fall to my death. I erase those thoughts from my mind as I begin to see a small glow below me, and my heart begins to beat a bit louder at the thought of other pople possibly being around. When I reach the bottom I turn myself in another circle, taking in all the new things that surrounded me, "What is all this stuff?" I ask picking up a bottle of something golden inside of it.
"Dinna be scuffling awthing ye see bairn," Alisdair replied as he jumped down the rest of the way, landing with a light huff.
"The name's Trip," i tell him again for like the thirteenth time as I put back the little bottle, "and what is this place?"
"This be my siccar grunds," he tells me as he walks further into the underground place where the small cubicle that we seemed to be in opened up into a wider, two story home. The second ground was just a balcony looking over the lower ground, his entire safe-house was under ground, protected by a wide sheet of metal just in case another war like the last one broke out again. I tapped my fist on the wall, letting the echo of the sound vibrate through the walls, "Niver be in a unnergrund hauden?"
I chuckle and look over at him as he leans against one of the rails of the stairs that lead down, "I've never been in any kind of underground place before except for those malls that are built on hills, know what I mean?"He narrows his eyes in confusion, as if I'm the one talking complete gibberish and not him, so I just shake my head, "nevermind, hey, is there anyone else? Like, do you know where I can find someone else maybe? As in, are there other people?"
"A haedna seen a solit body in twalmomnths," he responds, turning away from me as he goes down the stairs towards the lower floor of his home, "A been on mine aine for aye," he rubs the back of his neck and tosses his sword belt onto a table near an odd looking pallet, or I guess, bed.
"When was the last time you've actually seen a regular person like you and me?" I asked a bit desperately.
"Awmaist nine towmonds aby an A misdout A iver see thaim again," he shook his head, "A am fond A jouckeried thaim, ay," he glances at me then rops his shoulders a little, "Whit recks?"
I raise my brows, "excuse me?"
"Appen yer eens bairn, whit dae ye frain tae ask a speir like that for?"
"Oh, uhm, well you see, I kind of just woke up here, I don't know how I got here exactly, I mean, can't you tell I'm not from this..." I gesture to all around us, "this place? I mean, look at my clothes for crying out loud Alisdair, I don't belong here," I tell him as I let myself settle onto another small pallet that was jutting out of some random corner. "I just need to find someone who might know something, but if you haven't seen anyone in over nine years, then there's no hope for me, I'm stuck here..."
"A dae tent yer braws be daimen frae maist fowk, ance eerant this," he said reaching out at me to tug at the tie that I had left around my neck.
"Hey cut that out," I said to him as i swatted his hand away, "it's a tie, and it helps me make this vest look better for a formal event," I undo the tie and lay it on the table. Avoiding his awkward stare, trying to not show him how much I was scared of being alone with him, someone I let myself trust although I couldn't understand half the things he was saying."
"We shoud get mony dover, we can gleek for fowk in the morn'," he yawned once and walked over to his pallet, blowing out a light from a location that was still invisible to my eyes. "Mirk Trip, mirk.."
"Yeah, you too Alisdair," I mutter as I try to get comfortable, hoping that by the time I wake up, I'll be waking up in a patch of grass, a few broken bones, and maybe people wondering if I'm okay after the car hit me. Maybe not, I'm not sure because I could be dead for all i know in that other world, maybe that's why I was thrown here, maybe I'm in limbo or something. I close my eyes and let my mind drift to brilliant places and hoping for things that are so far out of reach, feeling my body loose the tension as I was carried away to dreamland.

'There's a truth hidden in the lines of my work'

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Dec 20 13 2:14 PM

Re: Waste Nation- Stuck in Fornever Land

Ch.1 (continued)
I jolt awake, feeling the rumble of the underground safehouse move more than it should be and jump off the pallet, taking two long leaps to where Alasdair was, shaking him awake, "Get up, something's wrong!" I have to shout so he could be able to hear me over the commotion, and he does, when he see's the look on my face he get's this serious look in his eyes and then he's on a roll. Getting things packed, placing the bottles that were lined along the wall into an irregularly small bag, shuffling around grabbing other things as well. I look away from him, keeping an eye on the cubicle that we had come from when we first walked into his home, and see a flicker of silver. I yelp, jump to the side as reaction, and place my hand to my right cheek where, when I pull away, blood stains my hand. "Alastair we're under attack!" I manage to say before I have to jump behind a corner in order to dodge mutiple more of the silver dots that came rushing towards us.
Panic jumps around my head, all i want to do is run, but I can't because there's smoke every where now, or is this dust, and I have no idea where Alasdair is until I hear a sound that I've only heard on tv. I got under the stairs and push myself through a little hole that was in the wall into another room and see Alasdair battling it out with three other men. All of them have swords, but Alasdair is the only one who actually looks like he knows how to weild his correctly, and I watched as he made perfect arcs with his blade that crashed down on our enemies. I glance over to my right and pick up a small knife, hating the fact that I had to watch Alastair defend me, someone he hardly knew, before I could work up the courage and do that same. I gripped the hilt of the blade in my hand so tightly, the whites of my knuckles began to show, but i kept my breathing low, my movements quiet and distant as to not distract them, and got behind one of the men, having enough time to slip the blade into the soft skin under his jaw. He jerked up a bit and twisted out of the blade, stumbling back as he gripped his neck and bled out once he fell on the ground, staring at me with cold blank eyes that soon went vacant. "We have to get out of here," i say turning to Alasdair as he finishes the last guy off, "before others come, do you have all that's important to you?" He lifts his bag and presses a button that was hidden in the shadows which opened up another secret door behind him. The wall moved back over to cover the hidden door once we entered it and the walls lit up with candle-light as if they had an automatic switch to set the quicks ablaze for the use of light.
"Whaur daed thae men come frae?!" Alasdair shouted as we hurried through the small tunnel, "A'v nae be fand afor nou," he said glaring at Trip, "ye deed yer nae frae hereawa? Acause A ken thae men warna efter me."
"Look I'm sorry alright, I didn't think someone would be looking for me, let alone trying to kill me, like I said, I just woke up here yesterday, I don't know what's going on alright? I'm sorry they wrecked your place-"
"Thay?!" He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt, lifted me up, and slammed me against the wall, making it known he was very upset with me, "A lippent ye! An ye proggled me! Thay come intae mine ain hauden...connached ivery thing.." he released me, "A'v gotten nocht caur," and then he kept on walking.
Silence was my partner who walked beside me, unlike Alasdair who nearly walked twenty feet or so ahead of me, and a few minutes would pass until I heard something, or some one following until I'd come to a complete stop. So would the sound, and me topping would make Alasdair angry so he'd decide to turn around and tell me how much I'm wasting his time in the most oddish language ever. I shrug my shoulders, turn back to the long journey of underground paths ahead and try to drown out the noise behind me again, hoping that it was all in my head. I feel myself begin to yawn and try fighting it off but it's no use as the yawn takes over, it's so massive I have to stop and close my eyes, wiping away tears after it's over. When I finally get my vision back I see that Alasdair is stopped, his body is tense, ears twitching to listen to anything that sounds off, and I try to hold in my breath for as long as possible. He looks back at me and motions me to move to him, so I do, quietly and carefully as to not make a sound at all and when I reach him, he grabs me; pulling me into a crevice in the wall that I hadn't noticed before. We struggled for a bit and as fast as we got into the crevice, we began to fall down a shaft, each section shooting past my ears sounding hollow and every few moments would go by where a jutted out rock would break against me as I fell past it.
Suddenly, feeling almost like a bullet, I shot out of the tunnel and began to free fall, nothing but darkness around to catch me from my fall. I felt myself start to go insane, I didn't want this to be my end, that's when flicker of something bright caught my eye and as we got closer, I felt as if we were falling into the sky. Of course that was until I actually hit what I thought was the sky and ice cold, pure blue, fresh water greeted me instead of soft clouds and calmness. The cold peirced me to the bone and I immediately began to climb to the surface of the water, breaking through the top and let my teeth chatter. A few feet from me, Alasdair comes above the water and looks over to me, laughing, "Be it an awe cauld for ye?" he doesn't give me a chance to defend myself before he swims off, indicating that i should follow, so I do. We swim for a while, I get used to the coldness of the water and feel how clean I actually am for the first time but by then my body is aching, "Alasdair, we have to stop some where," I say between ragged breaths.
"I sawna carse lad, dae ye?" Alasdair responded, "Some bit upby thare's a gloup we wad lin in o, but for tae wun tae thare's, we wad hae tae sweem, unnerstaun?"
"Uhm, most of it yeah, but man, I really have to teach you some proper english before we go back out there and see anyone else. I can't be talking for us, unless everyone else around here also speaks in that..tongue," I replied, but he didn't seem to care about anything else I said after I told him that I understood, all he knew was where to lead us and that was perfectly fine with me. We came to the point where there was a wall or a tavern where the rest of the cave was under water and Alasdair breath in as much air as he could before he dove and went under the wall. I felt myself begin to panic but I knew that if I panicked here I would most likely die, so I kept my cool and dove right on after him, following him until there was darkness once more. I couldn't breath, i couldn't see, but i could hear him moving in front of me, the sound of his arms and legs clawing at the water as we searched for the cavern, and I could feel the small waves he kicked come back at me. I was doing my best to keep it together but I felt everything start to close in on me, the space around me was getting tighter and I couldn't hold my breath any longer. I reached out blindly, hoping to catch his attention by my struggling movements, but since all I could hear was the sound of my own heart beat being deprived of oxygen I couldn't hear if he was near still or not. So thats when I decided to just let myself fall to the ground, let the air I already was holding in my lungs loose and slowly drift to the bottom of this water cave, but a hand grabbed for mine, digging into my skin, and pulled me up again. I didn't struggle against it, instead I tried to help by swimming with my free limbs but it only made me more tired, so I let the hand pull me to where I hoped was dry land.
"Mmmm..." I roll over on my side feeling the mishaped floor beneath me and remember what I had just gone through, my body is sore, my head is pounding, and when I try to sit up, water trickles out of my nose.
"Slaw lad," Alasdair says from the corner of the cavern, "A juist hained yer life, be thankrif," he gave a half smile, "A coud hae let ye dee."
I rub the back of my neck as I lean over on the other arm, looking at Alasdair I nod, "Thank you man, I'm not sure what I would've done if I had drowned."
I raised his brows, "Ye wad hae dee'd," he shrugged and stood up, wiping his hands on his pants, or whatever they were, he held his hand out to me, "Lats fare, A fand a gate oot of here."
I let him pull me up, slowly of course as to not get dizzy all of a sudden, and followed him into a small opening that we had to not only squeeze through, but at a few times, crawl as well. The tightness of the area made me claustrophobic but I managed to keep myself from passing out or hyperventilating by thinking of what it would look like when we got out of here. Trees, open space, hopfully not a lot of psycho people out there trying to kill me for whatever reason, and most of all, food cause I was starving.
"Ye ken, A ne'er dae speir for yer nameliheid lad, confeerin tae the streen," Alasdair said from ahead, his voice gruff and tired.
"I don't understand what you're asking, I mean I understand the name part but not the part that was attached to it and then whatever was after that," I responded nervously. I wish this guy knew how to speak correctly.
"Yer reputation lad," he answered seeming annoyed, "thare maun be some exposeetion for thair gae ane's dinger on ye, A mey ken a body that coud help-" as Alasdair kept crawling through the tunnel from the cavern, trying to figure out how to find out who I really was, he must have not noticed something a head of him because next thing we knew, both Alasdair and I began to shoot down another passage like slide, spinning us in all directions, we tried to avoid the jagged rocks that were jutting out from all sides of the tunnel but they'd still seem to catch me in random spots just perfectly. With out warning we both fell out and slammed into each other, forming a ball of tangled bodies as we rolled down a hill that felt like it was made of cotton. At the base of the hill we finally came to a stop and were able to untangle ourselves, only to find that this hill was nothing more than a pile of ash; so much for the fresh water washing off all the dirt I was feeling earlier.

'There's a truth hidden in the lines of my work'

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