Sep 16 14 12:55 AM

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So, I've figured out how to fix the whole "accounts turning into numbers" thing. What you'll first want to do is attempt to login from the main screen. When you fail (because your username is in numbers and there's no way for you to know what it is), you will be brought to this screen. Click "Forgot your login?" It will ask for an email.image
A screencap of my email I received for my personal account. Note the "Hi 10230619" line. Click on the link provided, it will bring you to a screen where you can change your password.image
After you have changed your password, go back to the main screen (theminionforum.forumer.com) and click on the profile icon.image
My "Profile" for my old personal account (\-|). Note how it's all numbers. Obviouslly we want to fix this. Click the small wrench icon on the top bar. image
This will take you to the Setting page, below.image
You are then able to click edit to change both your username and your Display Name. NOTE: For some reason Forumer will not take any special characters (like my old username) as a username, though you are still able to use special characters in the display name.image